About Hatchback

"Engaging and thorough with a healthy dose of fun-factor" is our mantra.
Hatchback Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Chewie, office mascot, at Hatchback, Brooklyn, NY.

Once in a while, a hobo saves the life of a Wall Street tycoon. A grandmother takes a 90mph-hairpin curve in a Bugatti. A runway model falls madly in love with a computer programmer. Beyond all logic, these things happen. Sure, they don’t happen very often; but then, they aren’t supposed to. They wouldn’t be special if they did.

Hatchback is a creative agency that cultivates these phenomena: unlikely pairings, underdogs uplifted, rat’s nests untangled. We tell your story with humor, emotion, and visual panache. We sell your product by distilling complex ideas into concise, arresting design.  With roots spanning both coasts, Hatchback specializes in blending the videogame and tech savvy of the Bay Area with the media and marketing muscle of New York City.

Once in a while, a fed-up Easter Bunny takes the law into his own paws. A winged salaryman wins the angel of his dreams. A hideously decaying zombie remembers what it was to be human. These things don’t occur every day—but when they do, it’s handclaps and high fives all around.

Hatchback Studios was established in 2009, with the intent to be a lean and nimble studio capable of producing high-concept, high quality creative. Since working closely with our main client PlayStation Network (SCEA), their flagship product PlayStation®Home has enjoyed a user base expansion of 28 million users to date.